Moving Out For the First Time Checklist: Everything You Need

Moving out for the first time can be a deliberating experience. Just like doing everything for the first time, you may have to consider many things before planning the move. 

Whether you move to a rented apartment or you finally complete the transaction to buy your first house, you may need a lot of planning, preparation, and even shopping before moving out for the first time. 

In this post, we’re going to share a complete checklist you need when moving out for the first time. So what are the essentials when you move to a new place? Let’s find out!


The Checklist You Need When Moving Out for the First Time

After finding the perfect place to call a home, sooner or later, you will come to a realisation that the difficult part of moving out is not over yet. You still have to prepare a checklist to ensure you won’t leave behind the essentials. On top of that, you still have to calculate the moving budget so you can avoid overspending in the process. 

So, what’s everything you need to know about moving out for the first time? Here’s the ultimate checklist you need to consider while planning your move!

Prepare yourself mentally and financially

Moving out for the first time can be exciting, but one thing you need to understand is that living outside your parents’ house comes with both perks and downsides. Whether you live alone or with a roommate, you will eventually understand that once you move out, you’re on your own.

You will be the one responsible for every decision you make moving forward. The last thing you want is to get into debt because you live beyond your means, and it comes as a shocking experience to force yourself to put your finances in order. 

Feeling stressed and anxious when you move out for the first time is normal. But you also need to remember that growth is never comfortable, so use this opportunity to grow as an individual. 

Here are a few things that can help you be more prepared before moving out for the first time!

  • Track your income and spending, so you can calculate how much your monthly expenses will be for the necessities like groceries, petrol, or phone bills. 
  • If necessary, change your regular habit to prepare for living independently. Force yourself to wake up whenever the alarm goes off, and create a daily routine to keep up with your schedule. 
  • Connect with your community at the new place to ease your adapting process. Find new friends

Protect yourself with some relevant insurance

When you move out for the first time, it’s a perfect time to start being responsible for every decision you make. Don’t forget to cover yourself with insurance, because it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Whether you rent a place or finally get a mortgage to live in your own house, various types of insurance can benefit you. These include:

  • Tenants liability insurance, an insurance to protect you if you rent a place as a tenant. This insurance covers your belongings from any accidents like theft, loss, or natural disasters. 
  • Home insurance. If you’re a homeowner, you can purchase two types of insurance to protect your entire house: building and content insurance. 
  • Life and health insurance. The essential thing for you is to protect yourself from anything that may happen when you live alone. 


Create a moving plan

Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to start planning your move! 

Create a binder to plan your move if you have to, and start preparing the budget and arranging the timeline to move out. You may also need to consider the moving supplies depending on the time of the year you want to move. 

So, what else do you need to prepare when creating a moving plan?

  • Order moving supplies. 
  • Ask friends or family to do DIY packing for your personal stuff. 
  • Get ballpark pricing from a professional house removal company.
  • Arrange a travel plan if you move long-distance. 
  • Book a temporary house if you need one. 
  • Plan for groceries and shop for necessities. 


How to Prepare for Moving Out for the First Time

Now that you have the checklist of things to do to prepare for moving out for the first time, it’s time to put the plan into action. So, how do you prepare for moving out for the first time? 

Create an inventory list

Making a list of the essential items to pack and bring to your new place can be tricky. Sometimes you think that you will need it, only for you to never use it once you settle in your new home. 

So, create an inventory list of the necessary things you need at your new place and start from there! 

Here are some essentials you may need to add to your packing list: 

  • Moving boxes with tape and scissors
  • Permanent marker to label your boxes
  • Plastic bags and bubble wrap to secure your items in the boxes
  • Bedding sheets and pillows with a blanket
  • First-aid kit
  • Toiletries with a shower curtain
  • Essential paper and cleaning supplies
  • Eating utensils with a plate and a bowl
  • Basic cookware and spatula


Calculate your moving budget

After listing the items you will pack for moving out, you can start calculating your moving budget. If you already got a quotation from the moving company, you can always reach out to them to get the actual offer based on the items you have on your packing list and the timeline you have for your moving plan. 

Sometimes it’s wise to spend extra so you can outsource some workloads and focus on other things that matter. 

It’s time to move out!

Once everything is ready, it’s a matter of moving out and settling in the new place. While moving out can be overwhelming, once you pass the challenging part of the moving out process, you will realise that things can only get easier from there. 

So, are you prepared for your first time moving out?