How to choose a removals company

Moving house is one of the most exciting but stressful times in most people’s lives. As if making the decision to move and finding somewhere to live wasn’t stressful enough, the process of moving all of your belongings can be very physically and logistically challenging.

Regardless of the distance you’re travelling or the number of possessions you’re taking with you, a removals company can really help to make the entire process more streamlined and stress-free for you. It means you don’t have to worry about taking multiple back-and-forth trips in your own car and can rely on professionals who know what they are doing to get the job done safely and effectively.

But, how do you choose a removals company from so many on the market? To avoid yet another stress of the moving process, we have created this comprehensive guide on how to choose a removals company – whether you are moving home or office, within the UK or internationally.

Ask about payment

Of course, price is often our main concern when it comes to any kind of service. Make sure the removal company is transparent about their prices before you sign up with them, especially if they claim to be the “cheapest in the area”. Price can often reflect on quality – although, this isn’t to say that the most expensive option will be the best.

A good way to check if you are getting good value for money is to ask for a quote first. A reputable company should be able to offer you a free, no-obligation quote based on your needs. Be honest about the number of things you need to move and any potential access issues so that the quote will be as close to reality as possible.

Check for any potential hidden costs that you may have to shoulder that they do not mention, such as parking permits or insurance (we will talk more about insurance later). Then, ask about their payment options. Be wary of those who ask for cash only – trustworthy organisations should accept most payment types.

Research feedback

Research the quotes you are given against feedback for the removals company. If you live in a small community, simply asking around via word of mouth can be the most effective way to find out about a company’s reputation. For larger moves, especially international ones, reviews can often be found on Google or Trustpilot, or they may have shared testimonials on their website. Look for unbiased sources and compare this against others in the area. If the most expensive option is the one with the best feedback, it may end up being the most cost-effective and sensible choice.

Ask about insurance

We briefly mentioned insurance above but it is so important that it requires its own entry on the list. Ask the potential removal company about the insurance they have in place. To ensure that your property is protected, you should only opt for companies that have transit insurance. This means that if your goods get damaged or lost during the move, the effects of this are negated. Without this, you may have to arrange extra cover yourself which can be costly and may not be fully comprehensive.

There are also further insurance implications to be considered when it comes to international moves so check that the company understands these and will be able to help you throughout.

Ask about packing services

While most reputable removal companies will help with packing up your belongings and providing boxes and materials for a safe move, some will expect you to do all of this yourself. Ask before you pay so that you know exactly what you are getting and how to prepare for the move. For an international move, ask if they will provide export wrapping and packing so that your goods are best protected throughout the long journey and correctly entered into an inventory for customs.

A packing service can make a move far quicker and easier when it is completed by professionals who have the right equipment. This may be included in the price or at an extra cost, but you are likely to save money in the long term this way without the need to buy your own packing materials. You may also wish to ask if they have the capacity to help with assembly and disassembly.

Check the delays policy

Make sure you check what a company’s delay policy is before making a commitment to them. Reputable companies should be understanding that you may have changes that need to be made last minute or that delays can occur out of your control, and not charge you extra for this. Sometimes traffic may be bad or you may be experiencing problems with getting keys for the new place. Do not be caught off guard by extra fees on moving day by checking how the company would respond to a situation like this.

Evaluate how professional they are

Choosing a removal company is much more than judging based on appearances, but appearances can be important. A company that cares about its customers and takes pride in its reputation is likely to have strong professionalism, from friendly customer service (see below) to well-presented workers who may be wearing uniforms or arriving in a van with their logo on it. Try and find photos of their work and consider how professional and organised they appear, and see if this reflects in their quoted prices and the services they claim to offer.

Evaluate their customer service

The chances are that you will communicate with the staff at a removal company at many points during the move. From the beginning, always keep in mind the way they address you and your move. Are they friendly or cold towards you? Are they happy to answer any questions or do they act as if it is an inconvenience? Do they listen to your needs carefully or do they apply a one-size-fits-all attitude?

Opt for the company that gives you an attentive and helpful service from the start, as this is likely to reflect in good practice going forward. You need to feel as if you can trust them throughout what can be a stressful process, and they need to put you at ease and do all they can to help. This is important no matter how small or large your move is because your belongings are valuable and important to you and you need to feel assured that they are safe.

Which company is the best?

For a removals company that ticks all of these boxes, contact Which Removals. We can offer you a completely free quote, a 24-hour free cancellation policy, full insurance and can guarantee friendly customer service throughout your home or business move, whether it’s within the UK or international. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 0845 564 9580 to find out how Which Removals can help you.