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Many people often underestimate the stress that moving house can bring. After you have chosen the city or town you want to move to, you still have to go through the stress of packing your belongings for the big move.

It is even worse if your house is cluttered. You’ll have to declutter because you don’t want to have too many things to pack. All of this stress will not get to you if you hire the best removal company to help you with your transition.

Which Removals is a renowned house removal company in Axminster. We are experts when it comes to moving, packing, and unpacking. We understand that moving house can be stressful. Therefore, we have come to ease the stress and give you a seamless relocation.

Our moving services include: house removals; packing; unpacking; local moves; long-distance moves; last-minute moves; and storage solutions. We do all of these things, and we do them perfectly. Which Removals is not like other removal companies in Axminster who only provide a van and leave you to do the packing. We help you pack and unpack your belongings.

If you would love to enjoy the best of our services, contact us today.

Moving to Axminster: How to Pack Your Shoes When Moving

Shoes are one of the items that are easily misplaced during a move. Shoes are small, and unless properly packed and arranged, they can be lost in transit. You don’t have to worry if you have a large collection of shoes and don’t know how to pack them for your next move. This article will teach you how to pack shoes effectively when moving.


If you have never checked your shoe rack to see the shoes you need and the ones you no longer need, the best time to do that is now. Many people keep shoes that they do not need. Though it makes your closet look full, what is a full closet if the majority of the things in it are not being worn? As a result, you have to declutter your shoe closet.

Decluttering your shoe closet will help you sort the shoes you wear from those you no longer wear. After sorting the shoes, the next step is to decide whether to sell or give them out to people who might need them. You don’t need to pack everything in your old house while moving to a new one. Some of your belongings should go with the house.

However, by decluttering, you make it easier to pack your shoes and you also reduce the chances of losing them.

Clean the Shoes 

After you have successfully decluttered your shoe closet, the next thing to do is clean the ones you still need. You have to make sure that you keep your shoes clean for your Axminster move. You wouldn’t want to put dirty shoes in a new shoe closet.

Shoes, particularly leather shoes, can be damaged by dirt. Regardless of the type of shoe, if your shoes stayed in your old closet for a while without being worn, there is a possibility that they are now dusty. For this reason, it is important that you clean the shoes before packing them for your move.

Cleaning your shoes makes them sparkle and ready to go into your new closet.

Pack Shoes In a Shoe box

The ideal way to pack shoes when moving to Axminster is to safely put them in a shoe box. While some people keep shoe boxes after buying shoes, others trash them because it only increases waste. Shoe boxes, however, come in handy at times when you need to pack shoes.

By packing your shoes in a shoe box, they become safe and ready for the move. If you don’t keep shoe boxes, you can ask your neighbours if they have boxes to spare. If they don’t have boxes for you, you can wrap your shoes with packing paper and pack them all in a bigger box.

The aim is to pack your shoes for your big move. So, if shoe boxes are not available, there will always be an alternative.

Label the Box

If you must wrap your shoes in packing paper and place them in a box, make sure to label the box.Labelling is very important while packing. You will have a lot of other stuff packed in boxes. If you do not label the packed boxes, how do you know which is which? 

Therefore, in order to avoid confusion or misplacing of boxes, ensure that you label your shoebox. Labelling will make it easier for you and your removal company to easily sort boxes after you have arrived at your new home. 

Safely Transport Them

After you have completed the above steps, the next step is to transport them to your new home. Ensure that they are carefully loaded into the moving van. Before loading, it is important to double check for loose boxes or unzipped bags. If you spot any errors or dents in your packing materials, you must correct them before loading the van.

If your boxes are not well taped, double tape them before going ahead and transporting them.

Alternatively: Hire a Removal Company

The best and most seamless way to pack shoes, regardless of the size, is to hire a professional house removal company. Removal companies are professionals who understand the art of packing. If you are looking for the best Axminster removal company to help pack your shoes, Which Removals is all you need.

We are experts in packing and unpacking. We have employees who are well trained in the art. Moving has always been an enjoyable experience for us. Regardless of the volume of shoes you want to pack, we are able to simplify the packing process and ensure that all your shoes are packed without a single loss.

Axminster House Removals: Let us Take You Home

Which Removals is the best choice if you want to enjoy your move to Axminster. We are recognised around the United Kingdom because of the quality of our service and our multiple successful moves. We want to make you one of our success stories by giving you the move you’ve always wanted.

Whether you are moving locally or to any country within the UK, Which Removals can take you there. To contact us, head on to our home page and provide the necessary moving information. We will be in touch.

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