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Moving day will inevitably become stressful if you do not properly plan for your big move. There are a few things you must do before your moving company arrives. You don’t want to throw off the move by doing things that should have been done before moving day when you should be packing.

If you don’t know what to do before moving, you can contact Which Removals to analyse your property and advise you on the necessary things to do before you move. 

We are a renowned Andover removal company known for making house moving an enjoyable experience for individuals and families. We can analyse your property and advise you on what you have to do to make your move to or out of Andover a seamless one.

Which Removal has been in the house moving business for 10 years now and has successfully removed many houses in Andover and all of the United Kingdom at large. We provide moving services, storage solutions, packing and unpacking services, local and long-distance moves, and we also do international moves.

Therefore, if you need a company that will take you to your new home, Which Removals is the best choice.

Moving to Andover: How to Prepare Your Home for Removals

It’s perfectly fine if you’re moving for the first time and have no idea what to do or how to proceed. Hiring a removal company to assess your home may cost you a few pounds. You want to save as much money as possible because your big move will necessitate some spending. 

You will learn a few ways to prepare for your move to Andover at the end of this article.

Create a Home Inventory 

Make a detailed list of everything you want to pack before the Andover removal company arrives at your residence. This list will include all of the necessary household items for your new home.

By creating an inventory list, you would be able to monitor what has been packed and what is still pending. This is a great way of keeping track of your movers’ activities and ensuring that everything is in order for your move.

You can sort your list according to how things are moved to see what has been moved and what has not. An inventory will assist you in not forgetting anything.

Get Packing Materials 

Your bags and boxes might not be enough to pack all your stuff. Squeezing things into an already filled bag is not the solution in this case. By contacting your local packing solution company, you can get all the necessary packing materials for your move to Andover. 

Materials such as carton boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, and so on are essential for packing fragile things. You can wrap your furniture and couches in bubble wrap to avoid damage or scratches while in transit. You can also use packing paper to wrap fragile kitchen utensils.

Carton boxes can be used to pack other belongings like clothes and shoes that couldn’t make it into your bag. Boxes are durable when structured well. To avoid any damage to your box, make sure to seal it with duck tape.

However, by getting packing materials, you’d be able to pack all of your belongings accurately and adequately.

Only Pack Things You’d Need 

It is important to understand that while preparing for your Andover removals, you don’t have to pack everything. Only the things that will add value to your new home should be packed.

You should check the things you pack and weigh them according to their value in the new home. Anything you no longer use in your present house will not add any value to your home in Andover.

While packing, you might come across things that you forgot you had. If these things were so important, you wouldn’t have forgotten that you had them. Therefore, when preparing for your big move, only pack the things that are important to you and your new home.

Label Your Boxes 

Labelling your boxes will do a lot of good for your Andover removal company. When a box is labeled, it gives the carrier an idea of what is inside it. If the person packing your stuff knows that a particular box contains fragile materials like mugs, they will handle it with care. This would help you avoid damage to your belongings. 

Labelling your box will also help during unloading and unpacking. Your belongings will be unpacked in the house after arriving at your Andover home. If the boxes are not labelled, the carriers would not know where to put them. That would also cause more stress for you because you’d have to sort them out.

By labelling your boxes, you make the packing and unpacking process easier for the moving company. However, if you are looking for a removal company that also specialises in packing and unpacking, contact Which Removals today.

Empty Your Fridge 

Finally, you want to keep your refrigerator empty. Carrying a fridge filled with food stuff will make it heavier and more stressful for your home removals. It would be upsetting if things began to fall off the fridge while it was being transported into the moving van. 

Before your home movers arrive, empty and defrost your refrigerator. You should also keep the fridge closed so that the doors do not get damaged. If the doors come apart easily, use duck tape to keep them together.

Andover house removals: Let us Take You Home

Now that you have learnt all that you need to do for your Andover removals, it’s time to let Which Removals do the honours of taking you home. We understand all that you need and we will ensure that you have the best possible move.

Our men are professional movers who understand the art of packing and unpacking, so you have nothing to worry about. Regardless of the volume of your belongings, we can help you pack. We also have a fleet of vehicles fit for all volumes of household belongings.

We are the best choice whether you’re making a local move or moving long distance. Contact Which Removals and relax while we take you home.


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