How Long Does It Take To Buy A House With No Chain?

Are you looking to buy a house? Are you currently doing research on properties for your future home? Are you in the process of closing the deal on the seemingly perfect house?

Hold your horses for a bit there, as you might want to consider this small yet impactful detail: property chains. Did you know that when you’re looking to buy a property, the best way to do it is to buy a house with no chain

But what does it mean to purchase a house with no chain? And how does buying a house with no chain typically work? Let’s go over the three essentials that you need to understand in order to avoid property chains.

What does it mean to buy a house with no chain?

Let’s start with ‘property chain’ – what is it and why should we avoid it? A property chain refers to the situation where the transaction for a series of properties is dependent on several parties. 

Just like the interlinking of chains, this results in the uncertain sales of each property. If the house you’re looking to purchase relies on the vendor to buy a new property, you’re in a property chain. If the sale of the house you’ve set your sights on is not available until your seller secures a new residence, you’re in a property chain. If you’re buying a house from a retiree who is still waiting to move in with their family, you’re in a property chain.

By now, you can probably see the pattern of how the chains of these transaction links in property chains can be difficult. When each transaction depends on one another, it can result in slower progress, complications due to changes in circumstances, or even lead to the failure of the whole transaction. This can affect everyone in the chain, which can be very disappointing and frustrating.

On the other hand, purchasing a house with no chains can benefit you greatly. Be sure to check this list to confirm whether or not the house you’re about to purchase isn’t linked to a property chain:

  • The house used to be vacant. 
  • The vendor already has a new home to move into. 
  • The house was sold by a company after repossession.
  • The buyers are first-time buyers.
  • The seller is selling a second home.


How long does it take to buy a house with no chain?

The timeline to buy a house with no chain may vary for everyone, but you can go through the steps knowing that you will deal with fewer complications and doubts. 

Be that as it may, finding a house free from property chains can be a challenge in itself, as only around 10% of properties in the UK are sold under this condition. Before being put up for sale, these properties were either owned by an investor or a deceased person. 

To answer the initial question, you can purchase a house with no chain around 3 months after your mortgage application.

The Typical Timeline of Buying and Moving to a House With No Chain

Buying a house with no property chains frees you from the worries of uncertainties and helps you avoid the predicaments of a failed transaction. This means you can ease your mind with a clearer timeline. 

The timeline below is based on the common experience of people who have bought and moved into a house with no chain, but you might have a different encounter. 

Mortgage Application (2-3 weeks) 

First of all, you need to find the best bank for the loan, find the property you want to buy and a solicitor. You might want to consider speaking to a qualified mortgage broker to advise you on the amount of money you can afford to borrow, the best type of mortgage based on your situation, and the likelihood of your home loan being approved. 

Once your mortgage application is all settled, it’s time to start looking for your dream house!

Searches & Surveys (3-4 weeks) 

Don’t compromise when it comes to your dream house. Make sure you’ve done thorough searches and surveys before proceeding with your transaction. Searches are highly recommended to ensure the legality of the property, while surveys are needed to find out the details about the house that you want to purchase. These could take a while, which may extend the timeline if you can’t find a suitable house to purchase. 

Aside from checking if the house is free from property chains, here are some essentials to help determine whether or not you’ve found the right house!

  • The building is structurally sound and there are no signs of damp (look out for mouldy smell, flaky plaster, and watermarked walls or ceilings)
  • Enough room and storage space (make sure to take note of your family members and furnitures)
  • Comfortability (take note of the natural lighting of the building)
  • Nice and friendly neighbourhood (nearby shops, transportation access, potential noises)
  • A working plumbing and systems around the house (check the taps, pipes, and heating system)

Feel free to bring along someone you trust who is skilled at building structures. Don’t be fooled by staging, such as strategic placements and other sensory tricks. Don’t hesitate to ask – even for the age of items within the house!

Receive Your Mortgage Offer & Completion (3-4 weeks) 

While you’re busy doing the searches and surveys for your dream house, your mortgage application is brewing into its final stage. An important tip for your mortgage is to make sure you’ve worked with a reliable real estate agent that supports you until the completion of the sale, including working with solicitors to complete the purchase in a timely manner. 

If all goes to plan, you could receive your mortgage offer and find the house of your dreams in a close time frame.

Plan to Move to the New House (2-4 weeks) 

Moving can be stressful just as much as it is exciting. Change can be hard for everyone, and so is adjusting to a new environment. It can also take a while to pack and find the proper logistics services to move to your new house. 

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