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If you are considering a move to Gateshead but don’t know how to go about it, hiring a moving company in the town is the right move. Your relocation becomes easier if you hire Gateshead house removal experts. When an expert handles a task on your behalf, you’ll have fewer things to worry about. 

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a Gateshead house removals company, Which Removals is the one to call. We are a reputable moving company, and we’ve been in this business for many years. Many families and individuals have moved with our help. We would be happy to help you start your new journey. However, if you hire Which Removals, we’ll ensure that your move goes without a hitch. 

There are various tasks that have to be done when relocating. Some of these tasks you might not be able to do by yourself. You really don’t have to stress yourself when moving, so hire movers to help you. Which Removals will help you pack all your belongings, and we will also provide large vehicles that will move them all.  

Your relocation process will be quick and easy with Which Removals. Therefore, contact us today for a seamless move. 

Gateshead House Removals: Items To Be Mindful Of When Moving 

One of the things you must be mindful of when moving is that all your belongings arrive at your next home in good condition. This is not impossible, but it requires extra effort. Here are some items you must be mindful of and how to keep them protected. 

Glassware and Dishes 

Glassware is one of the most delicate items you’ll have to pack. These items will be damaged during the move if they are not carefully packed. As a result, you must keep them in mind. You will need carton boxes and wrapping paper to protect these items. Wrap all fragile kitchenware in wrapping paper to ensure its safety before placing it in your carton box. To prevent shifting during transit, bubble wrap can be used in place of packing papers.


You must also exercise extreme caution around artworks and paintings. Artwork is very expensive, especially if it is unique. Because they cannot be easily replaced if damaged, you must ensure that they are properly packed when moving. Wrap the artwork in packing paper and bubble wrap, then place it in moving boxes that are close to its size. Fill in any gaps with paper to prevent them from shifting during transit.


Aside from the fact that your furniture is expensive, you require it for the aesthetics of your new home. If you don’t want to deal with damaged furniture, make sure it’s safe while you’re moving. As a result, disassemble your furniture and wrap it in bubble wrap. This will prevent scratches during transit. If you are unable to dismantle your furniture, you can protect it with moving blankets.


We usually advise our clients to keep the boxes that their electronics came in. When relocating, the box will be useful. Because your electronics are expensive, you cannot afford to mishandle them. When packing, make sure that your television, hoofer, speakers, and other electronics are carefully wrapped in paper. Then, for added security, place them in boxes. You can always get another box if you no longer have the original. The goal is to keep your possessions safe.

Our Packing Services in Gateshead 

One way to ensure the safety of your valuable items is to hire professionals to help you pack. Which Removals offer packing services in Gateshead, and we will make sure your belongings are safe. Regardless of the size of your house or the volume of your belongings, we will pack them all. We have a fleet of large vehicles that will move all your belongings at once. 

Note that all of our employees are professionals; therefore, your belongings are in safe hands. Our team has been trained to handle clients’ belongings with the utmost care. So, if you provided the necessary packing supplies, you can be rest assured of the safety of your belongings.  

All you’ll have to do while we handle your move is relax and enjoy the process. Finally, we will help you unpack your items after arriving in your new home. Our aim is to make the packing process enjoyable for you. So let us help you pack. 

International Moves in Gateshead 

If you have always dreamed of relocating to a new country smoothly, you are about to fulfil that awesome dream. Which Removals can help you move to any country of your choice. We will ensure that your belongings remain secure and protected every step of the way. 

When it comes to international relocation, it is critical to find a company that will provide the best service possible for your move. Which Removals is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a stress-free relocation experience. We always have the right transport for your belongings thanks to our diverse fleet of vehicles. 

However, if you want to relocate to any country in the United Kingdom or Europe, contact Which Removals.

Our Storage Services in Gateshead 

Which Removals offers high-quality storage facilities for anyone who needs to keep their belongings for an extended period of time. We provide both long and short-term storage. You might need to keep your belongings because you don’t have enough space. Also, you may be moving away for a while, allowing your own property to be rented out, or you may be moving into rented housing while. Which Removals, on the other hand, provide the best storage facilities to keep your belongings safe. 

Moving To Gateshead: What You Should Know Before Moving

Gateshead is a city in the English county of Tyne and Wear. The town had a population of 120,046 people according to the 2011 census. The BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, which opened in 2002, is located in Gateshead. The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is also located here. 

It’s popular among families because it has a lot of parks and good schools. Along the main Durham Road, there is a diverse range of independently owned shops, cafes, and restaurants, as well as housing options ranging from Victorian villas to contemporary flats.

The average family income in Gateshead is slightly more than £37,600 per year, compared to just under £45,800 in England. Meanwhile, the town’s average house price is around £155,357. 

Which Removals, on the other hand, are among the best movers in Gateshead. Contact us today to ensure a smooth transition.


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