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Relocating to a new home is a beautiful thing. You would want to move items like clothing, furniture, and other household appliances to your new home. Most of these items are heavy and will stress you out if you attempt to move them alone. However, by hiring a Canterbury house removals company to help you move, your relocation becomes easier. 

Which Removals is a reputable house removals company in Canterbury that has been in the business for over ten years. We have assisted various families with their relocation needs, and we have put smiles on a lot of faces. If you hire us, we will help make your move easy, fast, and enjoyable. We have all the experience and equipment needed to help you move safely. 

Our vehicles are of different sizes, so regardless of the size of your house or how much your belongings are, we can move them all at once. You would have any belongings left behind except that your new home cannot accommodate them. We can also help you pack if you wish to move without doing it yourself. We will ensure that your belongings are carefully packed and moved safely. 

Moving becomes easier when you hire Which Removals. Contact us today for a smooth transition. 

Canterbury House Removals: Tips to Avoid Losing Your Belongings When Moving 

Moving a large amount of your belongings at once means you won’t be able to keep track of everything. At the same time, you want to ensure that all of your possessions are secure. However, here are a few pointers to help you avoid losing your belongings while moving.

Get an Insurance 

Getting insurance is one of the most secure ways to protect your belongings. While there are a number of house removals companies in Canterbury that have insurance, it will not cover all of your belongings. As a result, get your valuable belongings insured before you move. Your insurance will assist you in recovering any items that were lost or damaged during the move.

Use Ziploc Bags  

Ziploc bags are zippered carriage bags. When it comes to keeping items safe, these types of bags are extremely useful. If you pack your belongings in a Ziploc bag, your items will be safe unless the zip is damaged. You can increase the security of your Ziploc by locking it with a small padlock. The padlock is simply for added security in case something goes wrong during the move.

Use Boxes and Tapes 

Boxes and tape are necessary packing materials. When you pack your belongings in boxes, you make more room for other items when moving. We all know that a carton box is fragile, but by taping it on all sides after it has been packed, you ensure its safety. When moving, if you do not tape your box, the breeze from the vehicles may blow it open. After packing, try to tape your box.

Label All Items

Finally, ensure that all your belongings are labelled. By labelling your belongings, you’d find it easier to sort them out. If you do not label your boxes, you might misplace them when unpacking and arranging your new home. Make sure that all your items are labelled after packing. 

Our Packing Services in Canterbury 

If you hire us to help you pack, we will ensure that none of your belongings go missing. We offer packing and unpacking services in Canterbury. In case you want to relocate without bothering yourself with the large amount of belongings you need to pack, Which Removals can help. We can pack clothing, bikes, a piano, and other important household items. 

Our men are expert packers who have received the required training. We will ensure that nothing goes wrong during the packing process. Your belongings will not be damaged, as we will pack them as if they were ours. Provided you have the necessary packing supplies, we will ensure that all of your belongings are protected against damage. 

While we handle the moving process, all you need to do is relax and observe the process. We will also ensure that your belongings are carefully unpacked and rearranged after we arrive in your new home. Contact us today to help you pack your belongings.

Local and International Moves in Canterbury

It would interest you to know that Which Removals is not only a local move specialist; we can also move you internationally. If you live in Canterbury and want to move to a new country in the UK, we are your best choice. We can also help you move if you’re in another country and looking to move to Canterbury. We have a fleet of vehicles that can facilitate international relocation. 

Our vehicles can move cars, furniture, and other valuable items overseas. You wouldn’t have to worry about documentation and other things that make international relocation stressful. We will make it easier for you. We will also ensure that all of your belongings are moved safely and without delay. For international moves in Canterbury, contact Which Removals. 

Last-minute Moves in Canterbury 

If for any reason you have to move earlier than scheduled or your moving date is fast approaching and you’ve still not finalised a move with a moving company, we are at your service. You can reach out to us whenever you need our service, and we’ll answer you. We are available for last-minute house removal services in Canterbury. Whether you hire us months before or days before your move, we will be available for you. 

Moving to Canterbury: What You Should Know Before Moving

Canterbury is a city located on the southeast of England. According to the 2011 UK census, it has a population of 55,240 people. Since the murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170, Canterbury has been a significant pilgrimage destination in Europe. It is now regarded as one of England’s most beautiful and ancient cities.

With crime rates below the national average, Canterbury is usually regarded as a safe place to live. In 2019, Canterbury was ranked as Kent’s third-happiest city. It is also regarded as one of the safest University towns. The city is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which attracts history lovers from all over the world. 

The city is a relatively wealthy area with a high cost of living. However, in this vicinity, you can find many affordable accommodations. An average semi-detached building in Canterbury sells for about £351,798, while flats sell for £210,054. Meanwhile, the closest airport to the city is London Gatwick Airport, which is 106 kilometres away. 

However, your move will be more seamless and easy if you hire Which Removals to help you move. Contact us today for a fast and affordable relocation. 


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